Ukraine Needs Funding Now

Wes O'Donnell
5 min readDec 5, 2023

This is perhaps the worst time in world history to have a U.S. Congress as impotent and ideologically divided as it is today.

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While our adversaries grow closer together, form new security alliances, and forge cooperation agreements, the U.S. finds itself increasingly divided into ideological camps as we move into an election year.

With much of the world now focused on war in the Middle East, a Gallup poll conducted October 4 shows that American support for Ukraine has declined.

62% of Republicans believe the U.S. is doing too much — up from 43% in Aug. 2022.

Among independents, 44% say the U.S. is doing too much — up from 28% in Aug. 2022.

And among Democrats, just 14% think the U.S. is doing too much — up from 9% in Aug. 2022.

First of all, those who feel that the U.S. is spending too much to assist Ukraine can’t seem to comprehend what we’re getting for that money. All they see is wasted taxpayer dollars that could be spent at home.

I mean, besides the obvious moral benefit of living up to America’s self-stated ideals of “protect and promote U.S. security, prosperity, and democratic values,” for the frugal among us, there are very real, tangible dividends from our Ukrainian aid.

Granted, $70 billion spent in less than two years is unquestionably significant.

But should Ukraine fall, and Putin moves against the tiny Baltic states of Latvia and Estonia, let alone Poland or some other large NATO ally, then the cost of deploying U.S. troops to defend vulnerable NATO allies against a nuclear-armed power is impossible to ponder.

The estimated cumulative cost of the Iraq War through fiscal year 2020 was over $2.2 trillion. Helping Ukraine is a relative bargain!

Not to mention the treasure trove of priceless intelligence data NATO has received on Russian military strengths and weaknesses.

Oh, and the fact that most of the weapons we send Ukraine are produced domestically, creating an economic windfall for U.S. defense suppliers.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will address U.S. senators by video Tuesday



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