Stay Alert — Russian Spies Are Causing Chaos Across NATO

Wes O'Donnell
5 min readJun 3, 2024

And it’s about to get worse

Federal Bureau of Investigation personnel advance towards a simulated active shooter at Buckley Space Force Base, Colorado, April 9, 2024. (Space Force photo by Airman 1st Class Joshua Hollis) Public domain

North of Fort Liberty (formerly Ft. Bragg) North Carolina, an active duty US Army Special Operations colonel noticed two men on his property taking photos of his home and children.

While the spouse called 911, the soldier went out to confront the men.

The men spoke in broken English — it would later be discovered that the men were Chechen Russians — and when the conversation turned violent, the Army soldier shot and killed one of the suspected intruders.

The man’s name was Ramzan Daraev and he had no identification on him and was not dressed in any type of uniform that would identify him as a utility worker — which his family later claimed.

The only way we know his name is because international identification documents were found in his truck nearly 250 yards away, parked on the roadway.

The local sheriff said Daraev was working as a subcontractor for Utilities One, a company based in New Jersey, at the time of his death.

The shooting happened on May 3 and is currently under investigation, but US Special Operations soldiers around the country have experienced strange interactions in recent years that they say involve suspicious surveillance of them and their families.



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