Wes O'Donnell

Any day now, the intelligence community is going to release its unclassified report to congress detailing everything it knows about the decades-old UFO phenomena.

In 2019, several U.S. Navy fighter pilots came forward to disclose encounters they experienced with unidentified flying objects while performing training missions off the U.S. …

There is a foolproof way to tell when Memorial Day approaches every year: Car dealerships and mattress stores flood the airwaves advertising their Memorial Day discounts; also, grocery stores start running low on hot dog buns and seasonal allergies are in full swing.

For millions of Americans, Memorial Day signals…

Wes O'Donnell

Exhausted from all the self-help content out there. Veteran. Law student. The Intermittent Fasting Guy. Reach out at wes@warriorlodge.com

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